About Us

The Information Society Law Center of the University of Milan, Italy, founded and directed by Professor Giovanni Ziccardi, brings together different skills (and scholars): legal informatics, philosophy of law, sociology of law, ecclesiastical law, criminal law, criminal procedure, philosophy of politics, general theory of law, bioethics.

The staff of the Center dialogues with scholars of other Departments of the University, with particular attention to International law, constitutional law, private law, labor law and administrative law.

The Center carries out several activities, with particular attention to:

1) the creation of a network with other Research Centers all over the world that are studying similar subjects;

2) the search for funds necessary to carry out innovative and far-reaching national and International research projects;

3) the organization of an annual Conference to draw a summary of past year’s research activities and set the lines of research for the coming year (Digital Transformation Law Conference – DTLC);

4) the editing of publications (books and articles) in Italian and in English on topics of interest for the Center;

5) the organization of events that bring together all the skills of the University of Milan, both legal and technical, in order to carry forward the most challenging and interesting lines of research.

Professor Giovanni Ziccardi is the Founder, Director and Coordinator of the Center. Professor Pierluigi Perri is the Vice-Coordinator of the Center. Professor Simone Bonavita is the Executive Director of the Center. Paulina Kowalicka, Samanta Stanco and Giulia Pesci are the main Researchers and Principal Invetsigators of the Center.