Areas of Interest

Research Area 1 – #cybersec

Cybersecurity, Encryption, Anonymization, Protection of Critical Infrastructures (NIS etc.), healthcare security, AI and security, IoT and automotive security, darknet.

Research Area 2 – #datagov

Data governance, privacy, GDPR, compliance, global surveillance and control, IoT and automotive data protection, AI, commercial strategies and data protection, ePrivacy, online marketing, cookies, profiling, data transfers, interface design, dark patterns.

Research Area 3 – #cybercrimes

Computer crimes, digital investigations, National Security issues, terrorism, hate speech, AI and warfare, information warfare, cyberstalking, cyberbullying, revenge porn and non-consensual porn, deep fake, sextortions, online grooming, OSINT, cyberwars.

Research Area 4 – #harassment

Minors online, digital legacy, discrimination, digital inclusion, digital natives, sexting, disorders, digital citizenship (for children), cyberstalking, cyberbullying, revenge porn and non-consensual porn between minors, data protection of minors, online gaming disorders.

Research Area 5 – #regulations

IT and human rights, digital policy, EU strategy, digital agenda, smart cities, green-tech, platforms and big tech, work, climate change, blockchain and EU cryptoagenda, AI and strategy, disinformation, freedom of expression, online reputation.

Research Area 6 – #legaltech

Family Tech, Legal Tech, Legal Design, Responsible use of technology by adults and minors, media education and literacy, digital skills, computer ethics, copyright and IP rights, fintech, metaverse, quantum computing, artificial intelligence and legal practice, manipulative design.