The University of Milan is a leading Italian university for investment in research infrastructure and human capital: two essential elements for tackling the complex challenges of knowledge in a rapidly changing social and industrial context.

As a public institution concerned with the development and progress of knowledge, the University has always been committed to research projects that influence the quality of life of citizens. Research at the University of Milan is mostly conducted in the departments and the many specialised structures, favouring the creation and growth of networks of collaboration locally, nationally and internationally.

Scientific activity involves the whole academic community from professors, researchers, doctoral students, fellowship-holders and fellows to undergraduates, in an ideal quest for new ideas.

Quality and impact of research (2020)

  • Publications in 2020:  9536
  • Open access publications in 2020: 5074
  • Top 10% area publications (SciVal): 33,9%
  • Field Weighted-Citation Impact (SciVal): 1,78
  • Unimi publications/national publications (SciVal): 5,55%