Digital library

The Digital Library of University of Milan enables all students, teaching staff and personnel to access a vast scholarly collection of electronic resources. These key resources for teaching and research can be accessed anywhere, even from home.

The collections

  • more than 70.000 electronic periodicals
  • some 240 bibliographic and full-text databases
  • catalogues, indexes and reproductions of entire collections of printed works (such as EEBO – Early English Books and ECCO – Eighteenth Century Collections)
  • some 520.000 electronic books of various kinds (manuals, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, reference works, etc.)
  • search engines and thematic portals, both freely accessible

The Digital Library offers:

  • a single interface for searching a heterogeneous collection of resources;
  • access to the full-text version of a journal article from its bibliographic record in a database;
  • off-campus access to resources after logging-in using the University email credentials;
  • assistance: a Help Desk and training events on the use of available databases.

The Digital Library can be accessed by the University’s teaching and technical-administrative staff and by enrolled students.

Terms of use
The Digital Library subscribes to numerous e-journals, databases and e-books, which are available to all authorised users under the subscription agreements.

Note that each user is personally responsible for respecting the terms of use for each resource consulted; failure to respect  the terms in the existing contract between the University of Milan and publishers may result in the University being barred access to the electronic resources and the application of sanctions.

Users must not disclose their credentials for accessing the Digital Library or any codes for consulting resources with restricted access. In the event of a violation, the user will be barred from access to all the University’s electronic resources.

Although licenses may differ from publisher to publisher, the general principles are as follows.

User are allowed to:

  • view, download, print or save a copy of search results or of individual articles
  • use the electronic resources for personal study, teaching or research purposes (citation required)

Users must not:

  • systematically download entire issues, volumes or significant portions of retrieved materials
  • disclose to third parties the username and password for accessing electronic resources
  • use software to automatically download materials
  • use retrieved materials for lucrative or commercial purposes
  • disseminate or transmit retrieved materials to non-authorised users

As users must in any case respect the specific terms of use for each single contract, please see