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The Italian research doctorate (PhD or “Dottore di Ricerca” in Italy) is the highest academic degree awarded by universities in most fields of study.

The PhD programme is open to applicants who hold a Masters Degree or equivalent degree obtained abroad. PhD programmes train students to carry out scientific research and improve their research methodologies, providing specialised training to those who wish to undertake advanced research.

The PhD programme degree may well be a preferential tool for scientific collaboration with the University of Milan and for exchanging the knowledge and competencies that underpin innovation

The academic pathway includes the definition and development of a research project – through advanced teaching programmes and individual in-depth studies, in many cases also involving cultural exchanges with other Countries – and results in the production of a thesis based on original experimental work.

Admission requirements

To be admitted to a doctoral programme applicants must:

  • hold a Master’s degree or a suitable equivalent foreign qualification (or a Diploma for those who graduated before Italian Ministerial Decree 509/99 entered into force);
  • pass the admission tests, as indicated in the calls for application published annually by the University;


3 or 4 year programmes. Attendance is mandatory

Qualification awarded an employment prospects

The Doctoral degree is awarded on passing the final exam, during which students defend their doctoral thesis. The degree allows access to the world of scientific research, mainly in the academic world but also in independent research centres  and production facilities


Access to a doctoral research programme at University of Milan is through a public competition.

Every year, the University of Milan publishes calls for applications that set out the requirements, deadlines, access and selection procedures for each doctoral programme.

Both the application for admission to the competition and the application for enrolment must be made online, without the need to hand in any paper documents.

Please read the instructions carefully in order to ensure that every stage in the application process is successfully completed. 

For more information:

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