Visiting Professor

The University of Milan, as part of its internationalisation strategy, has issued a call for visiting professors.

The programme is geared towards Italian and foreign scholars and experts of clear scientific renown hailing from universities, research institutions, or institutions of higher education both Italian and international. Visiting professors may also be invited based on specific international agreements executed by the University. The professors will be invited to provide academic instruction within the University.

Visiting professors are highly qualified scholars, Italian or foreign, who are affiliated with non-Italian universities, agencies or institutions for advanced training or research and who come to this University to hold courses, modules, lecture cycles or seminars, in accordance with agreed programmes.

Their overall teaching load must be at least 16 hours per academic year; they are allowed to be part of exam or degree committees.

Visiting professors must:

  • fully complete teaching activities, as set out in the agreed programme; 
  • respect the University’s internal regulations, including those governing workplace safety; 
  • submit a final report to the head of the relevant department or doctoral programme.

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