Welcome to the section dedicated to journals and publications of the Information Society Law Center at the University of Milan. This page serves as an informational portal to access our main academic journals and publication series. Each of these journals and series represents a serious commitment to providing high-quality analysis and research in the field of information law and the information society.

Cyberspace and Law

“Cyberspace and Law” (Ciberspazio e diritto”) is an academic journal that explores the challenges and opportunities presented by the intersection between the digital world and the law. The journal addresses a wide range of topics, including online privacy, cybersecurity, digital rights, and information governance.

Legal Informatics

The “Legal Informatics” series focuses on various aspects of information law. This series provides a platform for discussion and analysis of topics such as personal data protection, intellectual property, and information governance.


“Horisma” is an academic journal that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of law, exploring interdisciplinary topics that connect law with other disciplines such as philosophy, sociology, and technology. The journal is known for its holistic approach and the innovation it brings to the field of law.