Valerio Vertua

Fellow 2023/2025

▌▌▌University of Milan

Valerio Vertua is a Cassation Lawyer based in Milan. His legal practice primarily focuses on three key areas: tax law, corporate law and IT law and new technologies.

His professional training is enriched by several academic specializations. He obtained a specialization in Corporate Law, demonstrating a deep understanding of the laws governing business activities. Additionally, he has acquired essential skills in Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations, a crucial field for investigating issues related to cybersecurity and the discovery of digital evidence. His education also includes significant insights into Data Protection and Data Governance, demonstrating sensitivity to growing concerns about privacy and data management.

Within the Milan Bar Association, the Attorney is an active member of the Tax Justice Commission, contributing to discussions and decisions regarding complex tax matters. Furthermore, he is involved in the academic field as a collaborator with the Chair of Legal Informatics and Advanced Legal Informatics at the University of Milan, sharing his expertise with students and participating in the development of legal informatics skills.

His passion and involvement in the field of new technologies also come to the fore in his role as Vice-President of the DFA (Digital Forensics Alumni) association, where he connects with other professionals and stays updated on the latest trends in digital investigations.