Jakub Míšek

Fellow 2022/2023, Fellow 2023/2025

▌▌▌Assistant professor at Masaryk University

Jakub Míšek is an assistant professor at Institute of Law and Technology at the Faculty of Law, Masaryk University.

His main field of study is privacy and personal data protection and data governance. He also focuses on freedom of information and legal regulation of public sector information and open data.

Between 2012 and 2015 Jakub worked as a paralegal at the Legislation and Foreign Relations Department of the Office for Personal Data Protection, where his main task was to assess influence of new technologies on the personal data protection. Since 2019 he has been a member of the appeal commission of the Office for Personal Data Protection.

Since February 2015 Jakub has worked at the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic as a member of the Open Data project team. His main tasks there were licensing frameworks of open data, open data and personal data protection and creation of legislation proposals for open data in the Czech Republic.

  • Masaryk University