Elisabetta Stringhi

Fellow 2022/2023, Fellow 2023/2025

Elisabetta Stringhi is a young professional in the field of law, with a particular focus on privacy and new technologies. She recently won the “Best Thesis Award – IV Edition” from the Center for Privacy and New Technologies Studies. Her master’s thesis has been transformed into a monograph that examines the legal interpretations and approaches to combat the non-consensual distribution of intimate images. Elisabetta’s research focuses on the impact of data governance choices on fundamental rights, with special attention to social inclusion.

In her work, Elisabetta provides a detailed analysis of international and EU laws, evaluating the policies and responsibilities of online platforms in the context of digital violence. Her goal is to contribute to the ongoing public and academic debate on data protection and innovation, while also promoting a safer online environment for users.

  • University of Milan