Radina Stoykova

Fellow 2023/2025

▌▌▌University of Groningen
▌▌▌Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Dr. Radina Stoykova is a leading researcher and Assistant Professor at the University of Groningen, Netherlands and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Dr. Stoykova has an extensive research portfolio, with numerous publications in esteemed journals such as Computer Law and Security Review and Forensic Science International: Digital Investigation.

Dr. Radina Stoykova has a multifaceted approach to research that spans several intriguing topics. One of her notable works delves into the ethical and legal dimensions of hacking within the framework of lawful investigations, particularly focusing on the case of Encrochat. This research raises important questions about the balance between law enforcement’s need for information and the individual’s right to a fair trial.

Another significant area of her research is the development of a Reliability Validation Enabling Framework (RVEF) for digital forensics in criminal investigations. This framework aims to standardize and validate the methods used in digital forensics, thereby enhancing the reliability of evidence gathered in criminal cases.

Furthermore, Dr. Stoykova has also explored the legal and technical aspects of file system reverse engineering. This research is crucial for law enforcement agencies as it helps them understand the challenges and legal implications of reverse engineering in digital forensic investigations.

In addition to her research, Dr. Stoykova is deeply committed to education. She has taught various courses in economics at both undergraduate and graduate levels, emphasizing the importance of critical thinking and student engagement.

Dr. Stoykova is an active member of several professional organizations related to economics, such as the American Economic Association and the European Economic Association. She has received multiple awards and grants for her research contributions, including from institutions like the National Science Foundation.

  • University of Groningen