Monirul Azam

Fellow 2023/2025

▌▌▌Associate Professor at the Södertörn University

Monirul Azam an Associate Professor in Law at Södertörn University. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and has a strong research focus on software engineering, data analytics, and machine learning.

Throughout his academic career, Monirul has been actively involved in various research projects, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in his field. His work has been published in several reputable journals and conferences, earning him recognition among his peers.

In addition to his research activities, Monirul is also committed to teaching and mentoring the next generation of computer scientists. He has taught a range of courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, receiving positive feedback for his engaging teaching style and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

Monirul is a member of multiple professional organizations related to computer science and has participated in several international conferences, both as a presenter and a committee member. His collaborative approach to research has led him to work with interdisciplinary teams, enriching his research outcomes and providing practical solutions to complex problems in software engineering and data analytics.

For those interested in his work or potential collaborations, Monirul Azam can be contacted through his profile at Södertörn University, where he regularly updates his list of publications and ongoing research projects.

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