Lisa Bernstein

Fellow 2022/2023

▌▌▌Wilson-Dickinson Professor at the University of Chicago.

Lisa Bernstein received a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in economics from the prestigious University of Chicago in 1986. Her academic journey continued as she pursued a Juris Doctor (JD) degree at Harvard Law School in 1990, where she honed her expertise in law and economics.

Her career in academia and research began to take shape when she served as a visiting research fellow in law and economics at Harvard Law School. In 1991, she embarked on her teaching career at Boston University, where she started imparting her knowledge and insights to aspiring legal minds.

Over the years, Lisa Bernstein delved into various facets of contract law and commercial law, with a particular focus on contemporary supply chain relationships, especially within the manufacturing sector. Her academic pursuits led her to explore social network analysis and its applications in the legal domain. Additionally, she has dedicated her research to understanding the intricate intersection between business strategy and relational contracting.

Lisa further expanded her academic horizons through numerous visiting positions at esteemed institutions. She shared her expertise with students and colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania, the Georgetown Law Center, and, later, the Law School. Her international engagements included serving as a visiting professor of law at institutions such as Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, The College of Law and Business in Ramat Gan, the Interdisciplinary Center in Israel, University of Paris West Nanterre, and Bar Ilan University.

In recognition of her contributions to the field, Lisa holds the title of International Research Fellow at the Center For Corporate Reputation, Said School of Business, University of Oxford. She is also a fellow at World Commerce and Contracting, a renowned organization dedicated to advancing knowledge in commercial and contract management.

Lisa Bernstein’s research interests continue to evolve and encompass a wide range of topics. Apart from her work in contract and commercial law, she is deeply committed to understanding the intricacies of designing effective commercial courts in emerging and transitioning economies. Her expertise extends to industry-specific dispute resolution mechanisms and the profound relationship between social structures and economic development.

Her extensive knowledge and dedication to advancing legal scholarship make her a valuable contributor to the academic community and the legal profession as a whole

  • University of Chicago