Frantisek Kasl

Fellow 2023/2025

▌▌▌Postdoctoral researcher at the Masaryk University

Frantisek Kasl is an important postdoctoral researcher with a multifaceted expertise that spans the intersection of law and technology. He holds positions at both the Centre for Education, Research, and Innovation in Information and Communication Technologies within the Faculty of Informatics and the Institute of Law and Technology within the Faculty of Law, both at Masaryk University.

Throughout his career, Frantisek has made significant contributions to the academic and research communities. He has been closely involved with the “Review of Law and Technology” since 2017, initially as the deputy editor-in-chief and subsequently taking on the role of editor-in-chief in 2022. His leadership in this capacity has greatly impacted the discourse on law and technology.

Frantisek’s research interests are wide-ranging and encompass critical areas such as personal data protection, cybersecurity, cybercrime, and smart grid technologies. He has actively participated in numerous national and international research projects that explore the legal dimensions of these fields, contributing to advancements in knowledge and practice.

An engaging lecturer, Frantisek has been delivering insightful lectures since 2017, covering a spectrum of topics that include privacy, personal data protection, cybersecurity, data economy, media law, blockchain technologies, and online gambling. His pedagogical contributions have enriched the education of students and professionals alike.

Frantisek Kasl’s scholarly output is prolific, evident through his authorship and co-authorship of national reports, research studies, books, and articles. His written work is a valuable resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the legal implications of technology.

Furthermore, Frantisek serves as an external lecturer in the LLM program at the Georg-August-Universität in Göttingen, highlighting his international involvement in legal education. He has also played a pivotal role in the supervision and review of theses in various Master of Law programs, demonstrating his commitment to nurturing the next generation of legal minds.

Beyond his legal pursuits, Frantisek possesses a background in international economics and enterprise valuation, further enhancing his comprehensive expertise in both the legal and economic dimensions of the digital age.

  • Masaryk University